Restaurant Pizzeria Focacceria Mimmo
Buttitta in Bagheria

The authentic and true flavour of the cuisine from Bagheria.

In Bagheria the Restaurant Pizzeria Focacceria by Mimmo Buttitta is a place dedicated to the pleasures of the table, where you can taste some excellent Sicilian dishes and delicious brick-oven pizzas and focaccias. The Restaurant Pizzeria Focacceria by Mimmo Buttitta is located in Baaria, later known as Bagheria, not far from Villa Palagonia, one of the villas from the Eighteenth Century that beautify the town.
The town of Bagheria is located in the lovely valley of Palermo, between the two charming gulfs of Palermo and Termini Imerese. It is surrounded by the mountains and hills of Valguarnera, which overlook the town, with bushy citrus groves smelling of orange blossoms. There Mimmo Buttita, in the past century, decided to start a new business and opened his typical Sicilian restaurant. Since 1983 the Focacceria Mimmo Buttitta has become a reference point for the town of Bagheria and for the whole province of Palermo, thanks to its high quality dishes and services offered.
The peculiar elements of the restaurant are the owner’s friendliness, the local traditions and the family who runs it. In the course of time the sceptre has passed to Antonio, Mimmo’s son, who, under the careful supervision of his lively father, has carried on with his precious teachings, trying not only to live with his memories, but also to continuously evolve.
In Bagheria the Restaurant Pizzeria Focacceria by Mimmo Buttitta is the promoter of the “Festa della Focaccia” (Focaccia festival) which attracts hundreds of people along Corso Umberto to taste the delicious “Vastedda”, the focaccia stuffed with warm ricotta cheese.
Every day the Buttittas amaze their guests with their menu, which is a true journey among the flavours of the Sicilian culinary traditions. The owner’s objective is to “put clients in the first place”, featuring quality products.
The Restaurant Pizzeria Focacceria Mimmo Buttitta is renown for his quality dishes, because it has always selected the best ingredients with great care, to make sure its products are always genuine. The ingredients are chosen with precision, care and attention from local producers. The geographical location of Bagheria, between the sea and the mountains, enables the owner to have a variety of fresh, genuine, seasonal products available.
In Bagheria at the Restaurant Pizzeria Focacceria by Mimmo Buttitta you will taste many fish dishes, from the starters with seafood to the unforgettable mixed grills with an enticing perfume.
The restaurant has always been a synonym for tradition, innovation and care for customers.