Focacceria in Bagheria

The focaccia: an addictive food

In Bagheria the focacceria by Mimmo Buttitta prepares focaccias and schiacciatas with natural yeast, certified flours, traceable ricotta and mozzarella cheese, DOP tomatoes, quality charcuterie. Simple ingredients like flour, water and salt originate true delicacies, which seduce the senses and win the mouths over. The natural yeast results in light and digestible products, which are brick-oven to enhance their taste. The stuffing, instead, enriches the focaccia, making it become a true tidbit. As soon as you try the first slice, you will notice the difference! The focaccia has very old origins and was created by chance. It was the night snack of the bakers, who baked small slices of dough with small yeast. The focacceria Mimmo Buttitta has taken this old tradition and has become famous in Bagheria and in the province of Palermo for its famous “Vastedda”, the focaccia stuffed with ricotta cheese, salt and pepper with some hot lard put before it is served. The owner has held the teachings of his father, Mimmo Buttitta, and carries on making quality products for the most demanding palates. The focaccias and schiacciatas can be eaten in or taken away. For more than thirty years Mimmo Buttitta and his son delight “Baaria” with their genuine and tasty specialties. In the welcoming and sunny Bagheria, in the foccaceria owned by the Buttitta family, you can try:

  • Schiacciata Classica (mozzarella and ham)
  • Schiacciata Ortolana (mozzarella, ham, slices of tomatoes)
  • Schiacciata del Pastore (ricotta and caciocavallo cheese)
  • Schiacciata Mimmo (ricotta and ham)
  • Schiacciata Ustica (mozzarella, ham, tomatoes and Vienna sausage)
  • Schiacciata Favignana (raw ham, mozzarella)
  • Schiacciata Antonia (Antonia scamorza cheese, porcini mushrooms, speck)

The famous and tasty Mimmo’s specialty

  • Focaccia (ricotta, caciocavallo cheese, salt, pepper, lard)

The products of the focacceria Buttitta will seduce you with their taste because they recall traditions, they have the good taste of the past. Mimmo and Antonio Buttitta are waiting for you in their “home” to let you try the true focaccia from Bagheria.