Restaurant in Bagheria

At Buttitta’s is like being at home

In Bagheria the restaurant by Mimmo and Antonio Buttitta features the dishes of the inestimable culinary heritage of Sicily, revisited in a modern style. Dishes taht recall the perfumes and flavours of the welcoming Sicily of the past. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes. The chef prepares an assortment of cold and warm starters, pasta and risotto dishes, fish or meat and many side dishes. And to finish, homemade and haute patisserie desserts will enchant the eyes and the palate. Crucial characteristic of this island is its typical and very hearty hospitality and Mimmo and Antonio Buttitta know well what it means. The homey atmosphere, the excellent quality of their cuisine, their friendliness and the impeccable service will make you spend charming moments. In Bagheria the restaurant Buttitta will make you feel at home. The restaurant is comfortable and well furnished and it recalls the Sicilian sun. The service is accurate and the kindness of the waiters will make you feel at ease. They present their dishes with professionalism and competence. The restaurant also has a good local wine menu, which will enhance the dishes and will enable you to fully enjoy Mimmo Buttitta’s cuisine.

The menu features:


  • Croquettes 
  • Bruschetta alla Romana
  • Bruschetta San Daniele
  • Ricotta delicacies
  • Bruschetta Suprema (tomato, bruschetta, rocket salad, Parmesan cheese flakes, Bresaola)
  • Warm starters
  • Bruschetta Elitè (salmon and buffalo mozzarella)
  • Bruschetta Emiliana (buffalo mozzarella, raw ham, Parmesan cheese flakes)
  • Exotic salad
  • Smoked salmon
  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Dumpling with buffalo mozzarella and speck on rocket salad
  • Dumpling with buffalo mozzarella and salmon on rocket salad
  • Bresaola carpaccio with Parmesan cheese flakes, rocket salad, pepper, lemon


  •  Fettuccine della casa (pasta with tomato sauce, ricotta and eggplants)
  •  Tortellini del Maitre (ravioli with ham, cream and mushrooms)
  •  Farfalle al salmon (butterfly-shaped pasta with salmon)
  •  Trevigiano Radicchio e Funghi (with radicchio and mushrooms)
  •  Fettuccine alla Montanara (pasta with mushrooms, sausage, zucchini)
  •  Spaghetti with clams 
  •  Risotto with shrimps and asparagus tops
  •  Risotto alla marinara (with seafood)
  •  Spaghetti with seafood
  •  Spaghetti with clams and zucchini
  •  Spaghetti with shrimps, clams and cherry tomatoes
  •  Fettuccine Lampedusa (pesto sauce, shrimps, tomatoes, almonds)
  •  Fettuccine del Golfo (swordfish, salmon, tomatoes, almonds)
  •  Paccheri Angela (pistachio sauce, shrimps, cherry tomatoes)


  • Grilled rolls
  • Breaded steak
  • Grilled steak
  • Meat trio
  • Swordfish rolls
  • Roasted swordfish (each kg) 
  • Grilled calamari (each kg)
  • Fried calamari (each kg)


  • Green salad
  • Mixed salad
  • French fries
  • Buttered spinach
  • Grilled vegetables


  • Cannoli
  • Almond parfait

In Bagheria the restaurant Buttitta open everyday at dinner and accepts reservations and take-away orders.